About Us

CrossFields started in June 2018, and is a small company offering tailor made solutions to suit customer needs.

The company has roots in the wind turbine industry, but all methods and tools are cross-industry.

The company has extensive experience working in the Chinese market, where we are particularly experienced with companies that manufacture components for the wind turbine industry - gearboxes, generators, bearings, blades, etc.

Envision turbine

CrossFields Mission

Providing customers with actionable insights that enable them to make the best choices. We do this by utilizing multidisciplinary competencies, including:

  • Physics of Failure
  • A strong component knowledge and integration into subsystems
  • Deep knowledge of manufacturing processes
  • Operations and Maintenance strategies
  • Failure rates
  • Modeling of complex systems.

CrossFields Vision

Being the preferred sparring partner for assessing of technical solutions regarding reliability and maintenance strategies and their consequences

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