How I work with root cause analysis

Introduction RCA is a discipline where you can really waste a lot of time on not achieving useful results. I have written an article that tells a little about my method, that quickly shuts down on some of the issues where you can waste time. There may be a big difference when choosing to use

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OEM and Preventive Maintenance

In the wind turbine industry, preventive maintenance (PM) has not really proved popular the main reason being that OEMs do not practice it to a large extent and owners usually continue the service plan of the OEM. Why do the OEMs not use PM to a larger extent? Is it not a good idea? If

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About Preventive Maintenance and Bundling

The example below deals with offshore wind farms, but i could just as well have been about many other types of assets. One of the advantages of preventive maintenance is that you can bundle components that need replacing, saving time and visits. When bundling, you should make sure that it coincides with the annual service

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Design for Availability

In the past, they said that the big companies ate the little ones – today the fast ones overtake the slow ones. CrossFields helps companies become the fastest in their industry. We do this by creating a detailed availability model which in an exeprimental environment allows you to “fail fast, learn fast and fix fast”

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